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Rooftop wind energy for commercial
and industrial building portfolios

The ideal building:

  • Flat roof with or without low parapet

  • Building height: 8-20m (25-65 feet)

  • Building face longer than 50m (150 feet)

  • Unobstructed wind direction

An Aeromine system contains several units installed on a long building face aimed at the predominant wind direction.


A path

  • puzzle

    Complementary Works together with Solar and other energy sources.

  • connection-1

    Flexible Easily connects to the grid, behind the meter, or with a battery

  • turbine

    Always on Performs day & night, and across all seasons

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Energy output scenarios

The energy output for an Aeromine system depends on the building height and the wind resources in the region. The chart to the right shows the typical output in a typical region based on the average annual wind speed.

A 10 units Aeromine system installed on a 15m (49ft) tall building in an area with 6,0 m/s average yearly wind speeds will generate around 100.000 kWh/year.


Portfolio Assessment Process

The Aeromine team will review your portfolio of buildings and provide guidance on which sites or buildings will be suitable for Aeromine Systems. GPS coordinates, building height, and geographic attributes will be considered, and Aeromine will deliver our recommendations based on your portfolio.

  • kpi

    Project Assessment: Identifying portfolio sites that hold potential for an Aeromine installation

  • evaluation

    Project Validation: Ensure an Aeromine installation can be undertaken at project site


Installing an Aeromine system


Site preparation

Conduct electrical and structural preparation work ahead of delivery, without disturbing the building’s operations.


Onsite assembly and installation

Aeromine units are delivered in containers to the staging area, where the units are assembled. Individual components can be handled by hand, making preparations easy.


Connection and commission

Units are lifted to the roof and secured to anchor points. As units are connected to the AC collector grid, they can be powered up. Electrical installation is similar to solar pv.