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The motionless wind energy system

For Commercial and
Industrial rooftops

24 hour, year-round performance

Designed around well-known principles

No noise, no vibration, rugged design

Built with durable, sustainable materials

Patented Aerodynamic Design

Aeromine’s patented aerodynamic design captures and amplifies building airflow. When wind passes through the airfoils, a low pressure is generated, drawing air up through the intake and internal generator.

Aeromine units have no visible moving parts. They run quietly, require little maintenance, and have minimal impact on wildlife. The design avoids environmental unfriendly materials, such as silicon and rare earth magnets.


Aeromine is designed for installation on buildings with large flat rooftops such as:

  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Office Buildings

  • Big Box Retail

  • And other large buildings


Combining local GIS data

Aeromine combines local GIS data, expert knowledge on building performances, and proprietary tools to analyze regional wind resources. With this expertise, we can support your decarbonization journey through a systematic implementation across your portfolio.